Capacity Building

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ABCIC's approach
ABCIC develops capacity for agrobiodiversity conservation in African local organizations through institution building and adopting a training-of-trainers approach to human resources development. Institution building is undertaken by providing technical assistance in the development of national programs, frameworks and infrastructures for conservation and sustainable utilization of agro-biodiversity. ABCIC engages in policy advocacy in order to enhance sustainability of national programs through development of appropriate policies and budgetary allocations for agrobiodiversity activities. Technical assistance is also provided to relevant government ministries, gene banks as specialized institutions and NGOs in the development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of agrobiodiversity programs and projects. In addition, ABCIC organizes short training courses, workshops, seminars, field training and study tours for stakeholders as a conventional means of building human capacity through impartation of skills in biodiversity conservation. In training activities, ABCIC facilitates a participatory knowledge sharing approach in order to encourage and ensure cross-fertilisation of ideas between environmental conservationists in the government institutions, local and international NGOs and communities. This will create synergy and innovations convergence while respecting tacit conservation knowledge in the custody of local communities.

Effective biodiversity preservation requires that those that are entrusted to its conservation and utilization are equipped with the necessary capacities though institution building, training and education. Integrated national programs and institutional frameworks and infrastructures for agro-biodiversity conservation and utilization in Africa need to be created where they don’t exist and strengthened where they are weak. This should be coupled with policy advocacy to ensure that governments allocate financial resources and that agro-biodiversity policies are developed, strengthened and enforced to enhance sustainability of conservation efforts. At the corporate level, capacity building needs to be broad based and well targeted to ensure that the skills provided to the recipients are well matched with conservation needs through a training-of-trainers approach. The many non-governmental organizations and relevant government ministries working on biodiversity conservation need to equip their staff adequately with the necessary skills and expertise. Biodiversity conservation requires that those that are entrusted to its conservation and utilization are equipped with the necessary capacities through training and education.

ABCIC's work
One of our current Capacity Building projects is the Graduate Research Support Project